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Case Study – Recruitment

Case Study – Recruitment


Our client a clear growth plan in place for the organization but did not have a robust sales process to follow and help them achieve their goals.  A managing partner had assumed the role of Vice President of Sales, but there was an undeniable need to have a fresh take on this responsibility and put effective practices into place so that they could excel.  They needed a Vice President of Sales to develop a formal sales process, evaluate the internal resources and hiring needs, and determine if the current CRM system would support their growth.  They also had no current website in place to attract or engage applicants.


livingHR conducted a discovery session to learn fully the function of the VP of Sales role and what qualities and qualifications would be ideal for bringing success to the organization.  By also discussing challenges of filling the position from other sources, what industry experience and business connections would lead to success and identify the exact goals the person would take on, we were able to determine a candidate profile and target audience.  We also recommended creating a company website as a measure to strengthen candidate interest and solidify the company’s existence and success in the industry. livingHR’s recruitment strategy was initiated reaching out to professionals within the US through social media, professional networking sites and groups, associations, and specific industry-related individuals to gather interest in the opportunity.


Within 2.5 months, our client successfully hired a VP of Sales.  This person was able to join the organization to assess the sales environment and quickly develop a plan of action.  Employee morale and confidence increased as the VP personally met with his team and developed strong sales processes for the employees and the company to achieve success.  A new supervisor was also hired to support the function, and the existing CRM system was determined to be beneficial to the process.

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