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Culture Strategy | humanlyX

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Medical Services Organization

An organization experiencing extremely high turnover, we partnered to examine the employee experience and uncover the current state. Utilizing our immersive discovery approach, insights survey tool, and conducting focus groups across the country, we provided our findings to their team, organization leaders, and Board of Directors. From these findings, we re-engaged to map the desired state of their candidate and employee experience, define their cultural attributes/values and attribute them to moments along the experience journey, provide a build-out of their culture guide, and produce videos supporting this new culture and employee experience. This led to an organization-wide re-onboarding into this new set of cultural norms and experience expectations. This project was particularly impactful due to the organization’s high number of customer-facing roles, creating a direct relationship between an optimized employee experience and a positive customer experience.

Culture Strategy

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Global Manufacturing

We partnered with this international organization to uncover the employee experience of their 6,000 North American team members. Driven by a desire to align and engage their employees with their vision for a modernized and digitized future state, we utilized our immersive discovery approach, insight survey tool, and conducted focus groups across the country. We delivered an experience map and Employer Value Proposition (EVP) statements to attract and retain talent that align with the organization’s exciting future, and are currently working through our recommended next steps with their team to roll-out experience optimizations.

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Organizational Strategy + Workforce Planning

National Restaurant Group

For this client we evaluated the current state of their HR functions and needs in order to support the overall team. While providing interim support on day-to-day HR functions, we also fully implemented and optimized their HCM to include payroll/HRIS, Talent Acquisition/ATS, onboarding, benefits and COBRA administration, plus WOTC surveys (as part of onboarding with the ability to have applications submitted on the company's behalf electronically.)

Engineering Organization

We evaluated outdated systems and processes performed by the previous HR leader over the last 10 years. Implemented a new benefit administration platform with their current HCM. Implemented data feeds with the carriers. Outdated manual benefits administration process with paper enrollment forms, plus manual entry with each service provider.  Ultimately, we provided a better employee experience with self service capabilities for team members to easily see their available benefits and potential annual expenses through a total rewards statement. Allowed employees to endure enrollments and benefits terminations electronically without a manual process, thus reducing the amount of time and effort previously required. Freed up HR to work on more strategic projects and initiatives.

Humanized Career Transition

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Global IT Organization

This client was going through a large transaction that resulted in restructuring and the need for thoughtful change management and transition support. The client wanted to ensure that the employees impacted by the restructuring received the consideration and care they deserved as they transitioned to new opportunities. We offered Humanized Career Transition services, including pre-transition support (strategic communications plan, severance package guidance, resource guides, scripts for managers, FAQs), day-of support, and post-transition (1:1 support, job-matching, recruiter connections, next-step group workshops, and a customized career portal with helpful guides and content). By approaching this process empathetically and thoughtfully, talented alumni found their next roles quickly and the client’s talent brand remained positive.

Global BPO & Brand Company

Being in a niche industry, this client wanted to ensure that their specialized employees received tailored attention and guidance through the Humanized Career Transition process. livingHR provided Humanized Career Transition support focused on post-transition, providing a customized career portal and customized career matching that would prepare and connect their talent for their next opportunity.


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