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"When people work toward a common goal, they are driven, passionate and purposeful.”
- Richard Branson


believe that culture has an impact on business results.

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Only 3 in 10 HR Leaders

are confident that their organizations have the culture they need to drive future business performance.

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$550 Billion

is lost due to unhappy workers annually.

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Strategy & Culture

With more than 20 years of experience we can
deliver the best product design.

When it comes to culture and strategy, we don't view the two as competitors (you may have heard the saying where one eats the other for breakfast). We believe they're at the table together, working in tandem, equally important to business success. A culture and strategy that are aligned are what carry organizations through the good times - and especially the tough ones.

• Culture Transformation + Integration
• Culture Guides, Videos, Experiences + Kits
• Culture Narrative
• Leaning Into Your Culture
• Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI)
• Strategy Design, #WeAll Initiatives, Unconscious Bias + Leading  
• Strategic Alignment/Meeting Planning + Offsite Facilitation
Organization level  
• Workforce Strategy

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Authenticity in
Brand & Purpose

With more than 20 years of experience we can
deliver the best product design.

You know your organization is unique, you're making an impact, you have an important purpose, but do you know how to articulate that in away that takes a "brand stand"? That makes great talent want to join you? Have your values just become words on a wall or do they actually drive your people in a collective direction? We bring to life the key elements of your organization's story in a way that sticks with people, and reinforces why they should stick with you.

• Internal Brand Identity (Mission, Vision, Values/Principles)
• EVP/Talent Brand
• Corporate Social Responsibility, Giving + Meaning Beyond Bottomline

& Change Management

With more than 20 years of experience we can
deliver the best product design.

Three in four employees see effective communication as the most important leadership attribute. We create insightful human-centric communications (verbal, visual, and written) to rally and engage teams around important and intended messages.

•  Internal Communications
•  Change Management Communications
•  Print/Digital/Social/Digital Design + Development  
•  Video Production

Candidate Experience
& Talent Experience

With more than 20 years of experience we can
deliver the best product design.

Do you know how candidates find your organization? How their first day goes? What about feedback? Why do they leave? How do they stay and grow? Countless studies show the connection between investments in employee experience and business returns. If you invest in your people, they will invest in you. We help you understand, map, and optimize every moment in their journey with your organization.

• Candidate/Employee Experience Design + Mapping  
• Attract  
• Hire  
• Onboard  
• Perform  
• Reward  
• Grow
• Reward
• Transition

Infrastructure & Technology

With more than 20 years of experience we can
deliver the best product design.

We've long known that both human beings and technology can serve their highest and best use to organizations when they are considered allies versus competitors. We want to understand the way work gets done in your organization, find opportunities for optimization, and implement technological support so that humans can get back to the human moments that matter.

• Optimization Assessment/Implementation  
• Organizational Design, Job Analysis, and Role Descriptions
• HR Function Programs, Process Automation, Playbook, and Policy Development

Remote Work Consulting

With more than 20 years of experience we can
deliver the best product design.

Remote work is becoming a virtual overnight reality for workforces across the world, with some organizations better equipped for the shift than others. Current times notwithstanding, organizations have historically recognized the value of remote work and we've been working with them to strategize the technology, policy, and cultural considerations that make remote work possible, purposeful, and engaging.

• Remote Work Readiness Assessment
• Customized Virtual Remote Work Portal, Communications and Content

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Compensation, Total Rewards & Wellbeing

With more than 20 years of experience we can
deliver the best product design.

We believe in considering the many "levers" that need to be pulled for whole-person wellbeing - that means fulfilling physical, mental, financial, and social needs. Organizations can't always max out all of these levers, so we work to understand what's most important to your people and strike the right human-first balance.

• Compensation Planning
• Total Rewards Consulting

Capabilities & Leadership

With more than 20 years of experience we can
deliver the best product design.

Leveraging our modern leadership development, &lead, we help organizations develop the capabilities they need to lead effectively for today and tomorrow.

• Executive Coaching
• Agility & Resiliency
• &lead Modern Leadership Program
• &lead Cross-skilling/Upskilling/Reskilling

Learn more about &lead below.


&lead is the modern leadership development program that is completely customizable to you, and your organization’s culture. We have researched and seen first-hand that organizations need a leadership development program that will prepare leaders to lead in a digital world with a human touch.

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some examples

our work product

With more than 20 years of experience we can deliver the best product design.

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— Case Studies

Consult & Create

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Medical Services Organization

An organization experiencing extremely high turnover, we partnered to examine the employee experience and uncover the current state. Utilizing our immersive discovery approach, insights survey tool, and conducting focus groups across the country, we provided our findings to their team, organization leaders, and Board of Directors. From these findings, we re-engaged to map the desired state of their candidate and employee experience, define their cultural attributes/values and attribute them to moments along the experience journey, provide a build-out of their culture guide, and produce videos supporting this new culture and employee experience. This led to an organization-wide re-onboarding into this new set of cultural norms and experience expectations. This project was particularly impactful due to the organization’s high number of customer-facing roles, creating a direct relationship between an optimized employee experience and a positive customer experience.

Global Manufacturing

We partnered with this international organization to uncover the employee experience of their 6,000 North American team members. Driven by a desire to align and engage their employees with their vision for a modernized and digitized future state, we utilized our immersive discovery approach, insight survey tool, and conducted focus groups across the country. We delivered an experience map and Employer Value Proposition (EVP) statements to attract and retain talent that align with the organization’s exciting future, and are currently working through our recommended next steps with their team to roll-out experience optimizations.

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