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Culture + Strategy Working Together

When it comes to workplace culture and strategy, we don't view the two as competitors. We believe they're at the table together, working in tandem, equally important to business success. A culture and strategy that are aligned are what carry organizations through the good times - and especially the tough ones.

We Are More Than Culture Consultants - Our Approach

We start by analyzing your existing culture through full document discovery, immersion, workshops & focus groups, and conduct a survey through our humanlyx™ insights tool to provide a complete overview of your current employee culture. As Culture Experts, we bring to life the key elements of your organization's story in a way that sticks with people, reinforces why they should stay with you, and attracts great talent to join you.

Culture Strategy

  • Culture Diagnostic - A full culture discovery and customized language and priorities on how to embed culture and humanized employee experiences at every level. Includes document discovery, humanlyx™ survey, focus groups for all levels, and full recommendations and action plan.
  • Culture "Code” - Specific behaviors/mindsets that support values and guide day-to-day decisions, behaviors, and interactions of every person within an organization.
  • Culture + Strategy Map - Align culture to business strategy to ensure the culture and employee experience work is aligned to company goals.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Culture Strategy – Culture alignment to support merger and acquisitions. Setting you up to succeed under a clear, unified culture.

Communicating Culture

  • Culture Narrative - Creates a shared narrative for all team members and describes what it feels like to work at your organization.
  • Culture Guides – Way more than an employee handbook; a Culture Guide focuses more on the people, the behaviors that bond us, and less on the jargon.
  • Culture Experience Kits- Develop culture experience kits to celebrate and promote workplace culture in every step of the employee journey.
  • Culture Microsite - A website page dedicated to your workplace culture, your employees, and prospective candidates to highlight what is in it for them.
  • Culture Video – Completely customized video to showcase and celebrate unique culture.

Culture Video - Example

Communicating Culture - Examples

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