DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) + #WeAll

Our approach creates unity and a true sense of belonging for all.  

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Traditional Diversity and Inclusion "Programs" haven't worked. They have not worked because they offer training in a moment in time. Many of these efforts existed as a "program" or initiative that could be "a one and done.”

Our approach is about creating unity and a true sense of belonging for all.  We have partnered with Mesh Diversity and The Opportunity Agenda as well as a team of DE+I experts to go beyond a program to creating a transformative way to go deeper to reflect on how to make real social change within your own culture. In order to evolve we need to address the entire system of an organization to undo the both visible and unknown practices, policies, and biases in order to provide a new context for how diversity is appreciation and embedded into your organizations' culture.  

Reasons Traditional “Diversity Programs” Fail (Forbes)
• Resistance
• Improper Implementation
• Lack of Consistency
• Lack of Leadership Buy-in
• Drop the Label (“Diversity Training”)

67% Of job seekers consider workplace diversity an important factor when considering employment opportunities, and more than 50% of current employees want their workplace to do more to increase diversity. (Glassdoor)


We believe that in order for people to work better together, we have to widen our circle of trust.

Our Partnerships with mental health experts, DEI experts and the following make this work possible:

We build on your current state baseline to create a foundation for all members of a culture to live in to and evolve from. Unique to your culture and team, we learn more at a team and individual level, and across the entire employee experience. Using data discovery, workshops, leadership development, conversation cohorts, and applied learning tools we ensure our work lives on to truly transform the DEI of your organization by going deeper than just content.  

We approach this work by deeply considering the following:  

• We seek to gain a baseline of understanding to look at willingness and awareness
• We leverage survey insights to understand where there are opportunities and perceptions to address
• We look at the entire employee experience (attract, hire, onboarding, feedback/performance, growth + opportunity, transition + termination) and culture of how your organization operates
• We offer pre-work and post-work to ensure it lives on with content, conversations, and facilitations
• Equity analysis (hiring, opportunity, and rewards/pay)
• Learning and awareness around social justice in and out of your organization
humanlyX is our internal lab for work that digs into the business of being human. We generate research, data, learning, testing, prototyping, and innovative solutions to further the future of work.
Readiness Phase: Awareness, Equity, and Culture Analysis

Openness, Willingness, Fear Inquiry

Leader Workshop: Awareness, Openness, Business Impact Self-Realization (personal inquiry into bias formation and exposure)

Response Program and Action Plan

Diversity and Equity Evaluation

Current state of Culture and Talent  (Employee)

Report + Recommendations Plan

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Acceptance Phase Learning + Mindset Shift

Virtual DEI Overview Workshop (Leader and Individual)

Microlearning Video Series

Conversation Cohorts Tools and Facilitation by topic

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Post-Work + Transformation

Resource Library

Transformation + Change

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