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The humanized, modernized, and virtual alternative to traditional outplacement that's more affordable and places alumni faster.

livingHR is The Work Agency™ that's humanizing work for a living. Strategies formed with experts. Work designed by creatives. Business wins powered by people wins.

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Why take a humanized approach to career transitions?

Because we know your people matter to you. That means considering how changes, transitions, and layoffs impact not only transitioning employees but the rest of the organization as well. We believe all employees deserve to feel considered, respected, and cared for throughout this trying time and process. This results in retained trust in leadership and an intact talent brand for the future.

How work works is different now, and we get that. Differing from traditional outplacement, we prioritize empathy, hopefulness, and helping alumni find their next opportunity fast and for today’s world, which means a more personalized, modern, and virtual approach.

3x faster than traditional outplacement because the focus is on recruiting and candidate sharing vs. staying outplaced


Personalized 1:1 coaches and recruiters assigned and provided with hand-selected opportunities

Little Impact

Little-to-zero talent brand impact on employer reputation sites (e.g. Glassdoor, Indeed, etc.)


Cloud-based delivery of content and job leads, social candidate profile optimization support, and a modern approach to coaching around negotiating and networking

Less Expensive

Costs 50% less than traditional outplacement

Reduced Claims

Reduced unemployment claims $

Show the world your people really do matter.

of companies that offer “outplacement” programs have mostly “highly engaged” employees - (Aberdeen). Imagine what Humanized Career Transition is capable of doing when you show the world your people really do matter.
of job seekers say reputation of a company as an employer is important when making a decision on where to apply for a job.

What Pricing Model Fits you best?

Solutions designed to be compassionate, virtual, and scalable based on your organization’s size.

Per month
  • For small  businesses (SMB) & non-profits with -50 employees

  • Portal

    • Wellbeing resources during career transition

    • Career Search Calendar with Daily Activities Plan

    • *New access to Immediate Financial Resources (who is hiring now, 1099 freelance, government relief, UI, etc.)

    • On-demand microlearning

    • Resume and LinkedIn guides and templates

    • Interview Prep Checklist by Interview Type

    • FAQ Resources for commonly asked questions

    On-Demand Workshops

    On-Demand Workshops and  Microlearning Videos:
    Modern Resume Creation Video & LinkedIn and Social Optimization Video

Starting at
Per month
  • Low-cost solution for +50 employees

    *Alt. furlough content option available

  • Everything from the Community Plan +


    Premium On-Demand Workshops & Microlearning Videos:

    • Networking digitally and in-person

    • Personal Brand

    • Interviewing

    • Virtual Interviewing (dos and don'ts)

    • Negotiating the Best Offer

    Client-Specific Communication

    Opportunity for clients to provide a communication and summary of resources on how to access benefits, 401k, rehire eligibility, etc.

    Live Workshops + Webinars

    Full Career Transition Support & Live Events

    Role/Next Step Matching

    • AI Job matching based on an individual's profile

    Live In-Portal Chat or Email Support

    • Responsive email support by livingHR team

    Vent + Hope Channels

    Opportunities to share frustration confidentially and messages of hope publicly

    Virtual Introductory Coaching Session

    Introduction to provide an overview of resources, review alumni requests, and offer general guidance

Starting at
Per month
  • Any size organization seeking 1:1 support

  • Everything from the Personalized Plan +

    Recruiter Blast

    • livingHR distributes candidates through a large network of internal recruiters and agencies

    Live Resume & LinkedIn Profile Updates

    • livingHR writes, edits, or revises alumni resumes and facilitates LinkedIn updates

    Ongoing 1:1 Virtual Coaching (3 months)

    • Weekly 1:1 virtual touch-base coaching opportunity

    Executive Coaching & Support

    • * Customized support based on level and client engagement needs

Per month
  • Enterprise and/or global companies

  • Everything from the Full Service Plan*

Can't decide? Don't hesitate to contact us!

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Can't decide? Don't hesitate to contact us!

"We knew that working with them…we could get our people back into the workforce as quickly as they wanted to get back in."

GLOBAL Tech Client, Tampa Bay Times

“…each person was contacted by livingHR within 24 hours.”

GLOBAL Tech Client, Tampa Bay Business Journal

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