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“It’s not a piece of the puzzle or a vertical, it’s a prism through which a vibrant, techsavvy workforce sees their careers and through which businesses must operate to either thrive or fail.”

We’ve developed a new kind of leadership development to help today’s businesses develop the capabilities they need in this constantly evolving digital landscape and to cultivate an atmosphere of growth and inspiration for their people.

&lead is a modern leadership development program that is completely customizable to you, and your organization’s culture. We have researched and seen first-hand that organizations need a leadership development program that will prepare leaders to lead in a digital world with a human touch.


&Lead participants will experience a new era of leadership development, apply what they learn, create connections, and uncover the leadership style that works best for them.


&lead is leadership development program like no other. We don’t prescribe one leadership theory or assume every organization needs to develop the same capabilities so we built the program to provide tools that adapt to each participant and their organization.

of organizations said their leaders are not ready to lead their organizations into the future.
Organizations in the top 20% of financial performance are 5.8 times more likely to have a high proportion of agile-ready leaders than those in the bottom 20%.*

Here's what your organization and &lead participants would have access to:

• Customized LD Framework Design
• Leadership Assessments Resources (i.e. 360, Leadership Profile)
• Learning Bursts/Microlearning
• Video
• On-Demand livingHR content including articles, tools and case studies, organized by topic
• Mobile App
• Connectivity/Social Experience
• Coaching Peer Groups
• Live Coaching Access
• Leader-Driven Development Plans
• Capstone Projects to address real business challenges
• Program Impact Analysis

Options Abound

Self Registration

Any individual can self-register for &lead and customize a program based on their own


A complete framework, and customized program for all audiences

Targeted Population

Choose one learner population (e.g., Managers, Hi-Potentials, or Executives) to deploy specific content

A la Carte Menu

Organizations can choose from our pre-designed course menu or have a new topic designed by our team of consultants and designers


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