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livingHR is The Work Agency™ that's humanizing work for a living. Strategies formed with experts. Work designed by creatives. Business wins powered by people wins.

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With more than 20 years of experience we can deliver the best product design.

Keri Higgins-Bigelow

Founder & CEO

Alina Shaffer


Amanda Herring

VP of creative

Lisa Letizio

strategic advisor

Tessa Whitmore

Senior growth operations manager

Michaela Kennedy

senior operations manager

Cara Hunter

Talent leader

Carrie White


Alexia Benner

talent leader

Michele Zucco

talent leader

Ciara Routly


Josh Baron

Design consultant

Alex Fowler

Solutions Specialist

Kari Burcham

talent Manager

Marisa Nuffer

Experience coordinator

Catherine Cheshire

Senior consultant

Samantha Mackinnon

senior solutions mANAGER

Will Chinda

senior design consultant

Leanne Carlson

senior consultant

Jill LoCascio

CREATIVE Consultant

Ana Pacheco

CREATIVE Consultant
perks & benefits

we support you

We know that supporting people's wholeselves is what allows them
to do great work.

Unlimited PTO for Full-time employees

Seriously – unlimited PTO.  You can use this for health days, getting away, volunteering…anything you’d like! It’s your time.

Guilt-free ability to care for your “lifeload”

We fully understand and celebrate that we are all unique individuals with lives outside of work. That’s why we want you to have full ability to care for your “life load” if you need, without guilt.

Top-Down Support

We are proud of the giving and caring nature of our culture and our people. The entire team, including leadership, are here to help support you during life’s biggest moments.


At livingHR, we don’t believe in the traditional career “ladder.” Instead, we have our career lattice. This means opportunities to grow, and in more directions than one. Our people weave around our career lattice, trying new things and embracing new challenges and roles, all the time. Right now our Career path ratio is 97% (2019). Our opportunities are truly endless and in some ways are up to you to create.  We give you the ability to impact your own journey, while giving you the support and opportunity to try things and impact on your professional success.

Work Where it Makes Sense (aka, WWIMS)

We work where, and how, it makes sense. When we are in high-collaboration or creative design sessions or support mode we come together in person as much as possible. When we needs heads-down time, we call it #beastmode to plow through our workplans.

Mindfulness Moments

We encourage taking pause from your work and day to help you take pause and reduce overwhelm.


Our promise is that we will always pay equitably based on how you perform and the role you are in. Always.

In addition to extra incentives annually, we provide real-time incentives. These real-time incentives are tied to company successes, often due to an individual or team effort, that has markedly helped achieve a collective goal or drive use towards out ultimate purpose.

"I am very proud to be a part of an organization that cares about the human experience at work. We do great things for our clients to build meaningful cultures and we do that for ourselves too. Our founder and CEO and the rest of the leadership team is available, compassionate, and appreciative. We've got it pretty good here."

"livingHR models the way company culture should be. We are continually innovating, pushing each other to stretch and grow professionally, doing great work with amazing clients, and care about our people. We live by our culture code and work and life really do exist in a guilt free way."

"livingHR is a living example of a great place to work. It's the type of place you always dream you'll get to work at, but rarely happens. The executive team is approachable, supportive, and readily shares their knowledge. I consider the people I work for and with not only the best at what they do, and a constant source of learning, but also my friends."

If you are an individual seeking new opportunities, you have access to our free Humanized Career Transition portal.

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