Modernizing Foundations

livingHR is The Work Agency™ that's humanizing work for a living. Strategies formed with experts. Work designed by creatives. Business wins powered by people wins.

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We've long known that both human beings and technology can serve their highest and best use to organizations when they are considered allies versus competitors. We want to understand the way work gets done in your organization, find opportunities for optimization, and implement technological support so that humans can get back to the human moments that matter.

• Tech Optimization Assessment/ Implementation
• Org Design, Job Analysis, Role Descriptions
• HR Function Programs, Process Automation, Playbook, and Policy Development
• Candidate + Employee Care (Service Delivery, Relations)
• HR Support + Legal Hotline
• Time Saving HR Tools, Templates, and Resources via livingHR MARKET
• Scale + Agility Support
• HR/Talent/Creative Resources
• Executive CHRO, Talent SMEs + Generalists, Business Partners


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