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of companies that offer “outplacement” programs have mostly “highly engaged” employees - (Aberdeen). Imagine what Humanized Career Transition is capable of doing when you show the world your people really do matter.

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of talent professionals agree that work flexibility (which includes remote work options) will be very important for the future of HR and recruiting

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10% more per hire

is what bad reputation costs a company

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Strategic Workforce Planning

With more than 20 years of experience we can
deliver the best product design.

The work you do is made possible by having the right team in place to do it. Based on your organization's goals and strategic plan, we map the skills that will be a critical part of your vision forward.

• Talent and capabilities mapping
• Succession planning
• Talent and role framework discovery

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Remote Work Transition Consulting

With more than 20 years of experience we can
deliver the best product design.

Remote work is becoming a virtual overnight reality for workforces across the world, with some organizations better equipped for the shift than others. We help you assess your remote-readiness and then plan for the technology, policy, and cultural shifts that will make remote work possible, purposeful, and engaging.

• Remote Work Readiness Assessment
• Customized Virtual Remote Work Portal, Communications and Content

Mergers & Acquisition

With more than 20 years of experience we can
deliver the best product design.

The most successful deals have a focus on talent. We provide change management and talent solutions for Private Equity and M&A. We ensure you have the right talent, data, and culture tools to navigate transaction challenges and drive returns.

• Pre and post close gaps and strengths analysis
• Culture integration
• Change management and internal communications
• Strategic Workforce Planning and capabilities

Humanized Career Transition

With more than 20 years of experience we can
deliver the best product design.

How work works is different now, and we get that. Differing from traditional outplacement, we prioritize empathy, hopefulness, and helping alumni find their next opportunity fast and for today’s world, which means a more personalized, modern, and virtual approach. Solutions starting free for small businesses and non-profits, learn more about how we can help you support your people in taking their next step on the right foot.

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our work product

With more than 20 years of experience we can deliver the best product design.

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— Case Studies

Plan & Transition

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Global IT Organization

This client was going through a large transaction that resulted in restructuring and the need for thoughtful change management and transition support. The client wanted to ensure that the employees impacted by the restructuring received the consideration and care they deserved as they transitioned to new opportunities. We offered Humanized Career Transition services, including pre-transition support (strategic communications plan, severance package guidance, resource guides, scripts for managers, FAQs), day-of support, and post-transition (1:1 support, job-matching, recruiter connections, next-step group workshops, and a customized career portal with helpful guides and content). By approaching this process empathetically and thoughtfully, the reputation of the organization remained favorable.

Global BPO & Brand Company

Being in a niche industry, this client wanted to ensure that their specialized employees received tailored attention and guidance through the Humanized Career Transition process. livingHR provided Humanized Career Transition support focused on post-transition, providing a customized career portal and customized career matching that would prepare and connect their talent for their next opportunity.

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