The pandemic has sent technology into overdrive in every industry. Innovators are creating more and more tools for us; the people, to streamline processes, protect work wellbeing, create excellent work culture, diversify our workplaces, and forge smarter business decisions. It’s letting our people spend more time on the work they find most fulfilling, enriching our work culture. Win-Win.  

But there has to be a learning curve, right? As much as we hope we could just *POW* know exactly how to use this amazing innovation, it’s just not possible...yet. Change and Train must happen, which many can find daunting, if not downright scary.  

Keri was asked by Forbes to chime in on the best ways to help our employees adapt to new technology.  

“Gather employee input early and often in any major technology change. They will readily adapt to the change when they see why the current platforms aren’t serving the needs of the business. Communicate the “why” and the “how” as much as possible to gain accelerated adoption.” - Keri Higgins-Bigelow

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