It is no secret we are WFH fans. We have successfully driven this road even before the pandemic. It has allowed us to seek the very best talent from all over the country (and Canada) and, in turn, offer clients the very best services and products. But that is us. Not all industries, aka the humans behind the industries, thrive in this virtual world.

To keep teams engaged with a sense of inclusion, we start each virtual meeting with an energizer. It pumps up the team, gets the brain humming, and launches with a little bit of laughter. We also like to hold weekly SocialHours and encourage teams to attend if their project load allows. Another big joiner for us is collaborating on non-work projects. We create a commitment to connecting via non-work-related projects — especially ones that still put meaning in what you’re doing. Opportunities such as virtual volunteer events allow people to gather for a purpose even when they’re apart.

Check out some other Remote Work tips here, and thank you to The Business Journal for including our very own fearless founder and CEO, Keri Higgins-Bigelow, in this very insightful list!

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