Keri was asked by The Business Journal to weigh in on how to avoid these Brand damaging pitfalls that we seem to be seeing on a regular basis. She stated, “More than ever, the trust and authenticity of a brand must be right internally to be right externally. Consumers and stakeholders see right through this. Add in social media, and the word spreads like wildfire.”

So very true.  

Which brings us to Taking a Brand Stand.

It means that your organization should have a clear external and internal communication strategy as to what you; as a brand, support and what you do not support. Ensuring this is entrenched throughout your organization's culture, as well as throughout all of your external communication drivers; including within all stakeholders, is vital. You live it and you breathe it, proudly.

You’ll be hearing us speak a lot more on taking a brand stand in the very near future!

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