1. The Great Resignation Isn't Going Away

Focus on retaining & upskilling current employees

Turnover remains historically high as 4.2 million people quit their jobs in October. Employers continue to have trouble attracting & retaining talent and are competing in a  highly competitive market of higher pay, better benefits, and/or better working conditions.


  • Take an inventory of what you have and what you need to create or update
  • Look at your benefits to see if you're offering enough (i.e. caregiver)
  • Re-look at your org. design to ensure flexibility
  • Revisit your Employer Value Proposition
  • Establish growth plans with re-skill/up-skill opportunities
  • Consider our CandidateX + TalentX & Authenticity in Brand + Purpose Solutions to help refine your employee experience and employer brand

2. Your People Are Burnt Out

Care for all humans will continue to thrive

Wellbeing in the workplace continues to be a main focus for tackling the talent shortage and retaining employees. In a study from Lattice, burnout was a primary driver for employee turnover (23%).


  • Establish your Wellbeing strategy
  • Revisit PTO plans / flexible work schedules
  • Offer mental health benefits
  • Look at capacity planning; use contractors for scale
  • Consider our WellbeingWx product to tackle burnout

3. DEIB is Being Embedded Into Everything

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging is not a "trend"

While a lot of companies have made strides on creating DEIB strategies, many have missed a crucial step in communicating the impact clearly to their employees and to the world.  DEIB is no longer being looked at as a separate project, but instead as a way to embed it into your entire organization's strategy.


  • Establish a culture of psychological safety and belonging where people feel safe enough to ask for help
  • Create your Corporate Social Responsibility program and opportunities for people to feel like they are contributing to a greater cause
  • Give people the chance to give back through volunteerism
  • Consider our DEIB Transformation solution to transform your organization

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