What Matters Most to Tampa Bay Technology Talent in the Workplace

What do your employees and candidates really want in a work place? It’s a burning question for organizations, especially as new talent emerges, and it becomes more competitive to build workplaces people are attracted to. Because the Tampa metropolitan area has grown by 24% since December of 2009, the unemployment rate has dropped down to 4%, and even further in the IT industry (TBO, 2016), demand is suddenly higher than ever for skilled candidates.In May 2017, livingHR partnered with Tampa Bay Technology Forum to search for an answer to what tech talent in Tampa Bay wants from work. Utilizing TalvibeTM, an instant feedback tool, we created a questionnaire to gather what organizations thought was important to its candidates and employees (a.k.a. talent).Participants of the survey were in the technology field in Tampa Bay but varied in industry from defense and cybersecurity to marketing services and retail. Company size also varied with participants from small, medium, and large companies.

The Results

Across the board, results showed culture matters. When ranked individually, cultural aspects, such as work/life balance, teamwork and leadership were more important to participants than just pay alone. Candidates and employees are increasingly looking at the whole package in order to improve their quality of life.With the onset of the digital age, your online brand matters. Before accepting a job offer, 40% of candidates will research the company's reputation on websites like Glassdoor and Indeed. Demonstrating what your organization provides for its employees is a critical aspect of modern branding.Our CEO Keri-Higgins Bigelow’s thoughts on the results: “It was awesome to partner with TBTF and give our ever-growing, talented Tampa technology community a voice to share what they are looking for from work. Not surprisingly, the survey showed what we as people all want— organizations to align with our quality of life expectations. The story this data has illustrated to me is that culture and engagement are not something you just get without putting the effort into, you have to design a thoughtful candidate and employee experience. In order to get more, you need to give first.”To view the full results of the survey, see the full infographic below.

What Organizations Can Do

Give Your People a Voice

  • Ask actionable insights and follow up with change.
  • Conduct pulse surveys alongside your annual benchmark survey.

Make Life Easier

  • Map your employee journey and redesign it to be consumer-like.
  • Humanize and personalize your workplace so employees can live their lives outside of work.
  • Double-check your practices, systems, and leaders make it easier, not harder to do work.

Take the Journey

  • Audit and review your employer brand.
  • Assess your current and aspirational culture.
  • Discover your candidate and employee experience through the lens of your people.

Start at the Top

  • Hire leaders that align with your culture.
  • Ensure your CEO and leaders are building your unique culture.

Act now, and build the employee experience your organization aspires to have; this will help attract the right fit for your team and keep top talent engaged at your organization.To complete a feedback insight survey of your own, contact livingHR. Discover what questions will be most helpful to uncover where your organization stands today and where your employees would like to see you.