While most companies are making progress on ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion are top of mind in the hiring process, there is still much work to be done. In order to recruit a more diverse talent pipeline, proactive sourcing and outreach with the intention to reach underrepresented groups is key. Job descriptions need to be gender-neutral and interviewers should be equipped with unconscious bias training. But the most important part is how you show up in your culture. Without an inclusive company culture as your backbone, candidates and employees won’t feel welcome and your diverse talent pipeline will become a revolving door.  

Attracting diverse talent

  1. Ensure diverse representation in recruitment marketing and advertising 
  1. Have a visible DEI statement on careers page and in job descriptions 
  1. Create community partnerships with underrepresented groups, local non-profits, and schools
  1. Highlight inclusive company benefits and programs 
  1. Post positions on diversity-focused job boards 
  1. Encourage employee referrals  
  1. Create job descriptions that are inclusive and accessible
  1. Use real employee pictures, not stock photos  
  1. Use AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools for eliminating unconscious bias  

Hiring equitably  

  1. Be aware of bias that shows up in the selection process 
  1. Provide DEI recruitment training to hiring leaders and recruiters  
  1. Embed diversity in the form of job descriptions and interview questions 
  1. Ensure diverse representation on interview panels 
  1. Hire for culture add and not culture fit 
  1. Deliberate before making a decision 
  1. Be objective with decision making and stick to facts 
  1. Monitor referral hires to ensure diversity and avoid “like-me” hiring
  1. Standardize selection tools & metrics aimed at avoiding bias
  1. Conduct blind resume reviews to remove unconscious bias
  1. Choose to build a diverse slate of candidates for intern and new grad hiring

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