Our Approach

livingHR takes a holistic, transformational approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe that attracting & hiring diverse talent, humanizing employee experiences for everyone, and creating a community of inclusion internally and externally are our organizational pillars. These pillars are supported by three foundational elements that drive our outcomes:

  • Creating an equitable culture
  • Ensuring leaders are bought in
  • Integrating DEI within your entire organization's strategy

To achieve inclusion and equity, we need to examine the organization's systems, policies, and practices to ensure all employees have equal access to success. During our DEI transformation process, we seek to create a sense of belonging and inclusion for the existing diversity within organizations while intentionally identifying ways to increase the representation of underrepresented demographics within the company. To achieve inclusion and equity, we need to examine the systems, policies, and practices within an organization to ensure all employees have equal access to success. ​ Customized solutions are built based on our DEI Transformation Model which can be further explained below.

Foundational Elements  

Culture Code & Brand Stand

At livingHR, DEI is no longer being looked at as a separate project. We believe that DEI should be fully embedded into your company culture & your company purpose in order for your employees feel a sense of belonging and physiologically safe. Take a minute to think about your purpose statement elevator pitch. Do your employees know what you stand for in this world and how you’re making an impact beyond a profit? By creating your culture code and brand stand with DEI in mind, your employees have specific behavior mindsets that they can rally behind. This framework guides day-to-day decisions, behaviors, and interactions of every person within an organization.

Leadership Mindset

Simply put, a DEI transformation in your workplace won’t happen if your leaders are not fully bought in. Leaders must be held accountable to growing awareness, pledge to uphold the DEI initiatives across the company, and committed to ongoing learning and dedicating time to review resources on a regular basis. Consistent communication to the rest of the organization should stem from leaders to show a unified front to change and transformation.  

DEI in Organizational Strategy

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging principles need to be embedded across your entire organization for you to reach full DEI transformation. All barriers should be dismantled in all practices and systems, everyone understands the access to opportunities, and the purpose that the company serves. Full transformation happens when the entire employee experience is considered with DEIB in mind.


Attract & Hire

Do you have a compelling talent brand that candidates are eager to join? Does it fully align with what your internal culture shows? Ensuring that you are broadening your talent pool, avoiding biases in job descriptions and the interview process, and conveying your DEI approach in your talent brand will show your candidates that diversity & inclusion is important in your workplace culture.

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Humanize Experiences

Most organizations understand that the talent experience does not stop after the individual is hired, but DEIB efforts almost always end there. Intentionally focusing on humanizing the entire employee journey, with the lens that everyone has lived different lives with diverse experiences, is what it truly takes to move the needle. Focusing on fostering an inclusive environment of continuous learning, feedback, and equitable business practices is incredibly important in retaining talent and humanizing the employee experience.

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Create Community

DEI transformation doesn’t stop within your workplace walls; organizations that break down those walls and connects with the external communities drive employee engagement and boost morale. So how do you create an inclusive community?  

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