Keri was asked by Lattice how one could efficiently and effectively break down rigid workplace silos that often create poor communication, burnout, loss of project mission, and the worst, a lack of humanization within the workplace.  

She stated, “As an HR leader, get into the business side of the organization and take a cross-functional approach to listening and gathering requirements from those you serve to ensure the people-function is serving the needs of the business-function by talking.    

HR services all “silos” and is in the unique position to create a better working experience for each functional team, when we listen.

Listen to the CEO about the future vision to create a talent strategy that optimizes talent. For example, listen to sales and marketing about how they bring in new revenue, differentiate in the market, the stories they tell, and the brand narrative they campaign for.  

Listen to Operations about what policies, practices, decisions, systems, and workflows need to be simplified or reimagined to better serve them by building out capabilities and development programs the business actually needs.  

Understand what each function does and the operating model of how they do it. Once you have truly listened and gathered insight, you’ll be able to partner in pods or work teams to address topics that transcend HR such as the culture, talent brand, and internal communications.”

Well said, Keri. Well said.

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