Promotions are a time for celebration. Ensuring you have a solid road map to this transition is instrumental to being a strong leader with a humanized focus, for you and for your teams.  

Hint: Communication is the key to this plan!

Our CXO, Amanda Herring, got to chime in on some excellent tips over at Lattice on how to manage former peers and how to make it a successful transition, for everyone!

1. Be yourself. Don't overcompensate for any feelings of imposter syndrome that may creep in and assume some kind of new "boss" persona. You're still the you that your peers know and respect.  

2. On that note, coach, don't boss. Assume a more friendly and supportive "coach" mindset as their manager. This will likely feel a lot more natural for both you and your direct reports. This can show up in more real-time feedback sessions that feel like a casual conversation versus a big review, normalize candid two-way communication (ask for feedback in return), and lead by example, inviting the team to join you rather than doling out demands. 

3. Let it be weird. Have patience with this transition and feel some validation in yes, this can be an awkward situation at first. Harmony comes from addressing that elephant in the room, leveling with your prior teammates that you'll do and be your best for them, and that it may take some time for this to feel natural. But have faith - in time, it will.

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