livingHR, Talvibe™, and Tampa Bay Technology Forum have partnered to provide a platform for Tampa’s technology industry to provide insights into what matters to them.livingHR and Talvibe™ are thrilled to partner with Tampa Bay Technology Forum’s members and Tampa's growing hub of tech talent to create a first of its kind benchmark study. The study offers Tampa Bay’s technology talent and organizations an outlet to provide what is important to them. As the Tampa Bay region becomes a “go to” area for emerging technology, the benchmark study provides clear data and insights into what Tampa’s tech hub values and what will continue to attract and grow Tampa’s tech talent.Participate by May 15th.Anyone in the Tampa Bay area who works in Technology, either in IT or HR, are eligible to take the survey.  The survey can be accessed, until Monday: May 15th, via To produce this benchmark study livingHR is leveraging Talvibe™, a talent feedback tool that captures real-time insights and analytics to give you actionable insights on workplace experiences and culture from the lens of your people. “Talvibe™ is enabling us to quickly gather and act on candidate and employee experience insights.  We couldn't find a tool that allowed us to get the candidate and employee experience insights we know matter, fast enough so made it ourselves,” said Keri Higgins-Bigelow, CEO of livingHR. “We are excited to launch Talvibe™ on this project and share the results of our study when we present the findings of the study at the Tampa Bay Technology PoweredUP Technology Festival at the Mahaffey Theatre in St. Petersburg, FL on May 22, 2017.

About livingHRlivingHR is a woman-owned Human Capital/Talent Experience Consulting and Recruiting Firm. Our innovative solutions build strong employment brands to attract, engage, and retain the talent that empowers your culture. We design employee and candidate experiences that create high-performance organizations where talent triumphs. Learn more at Talvibe™Talvibe™ is a TI platform to gather genuine feedback from employees. It's engaging and easy-to-use interface allows real-time analytics to be gathered easily and give actionable insight into an organization’s culture.

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