Wellbeing is being put to work: livingHR has launched WellbeingWx, a transformational solution designed to actively prevent burnout and support whole-person wellbeing in the workplace.  

August 6, 2021 - livingHR, a US-based consulting agency focused on humanizing work by building inclusive cultures, optimized talent, and human experiences, has created the first workplace wellbeing program of its kind - WellbeingWx. With a distinct departure from traditional "wellness" programs, this program heavily emphasizes the many facets of whole-person wellbeing, including foundational, physical, and emotional factors. This comprehensive program helps corporations, leadership, and their employees by proactively investing in wellbeing.  

Program Highlights  

  • WellbeingWx is the first known American program created for the workplace to support leaders in making a sound and proactive investment in wellbeing that cares for the whole person and directly combats burnout.  
  • It was created in response to the mental health and burnout epidemic impacting America's workforces, largely amplified by the stressors brought upon by the pandemic.  
  • The program has three interfaces designed through critical workplace POVs: the organization-as-a-whole lens, the leadership lens, and the individual employee lens. This facilitates a whole-person approach to how we incorporate wellbeing into work.  
  • It proactively addresses removing stigmas, preventing burnout, and effectively planning for workload capacity across teams.
  • The program is actionable, progressive, and based on research and data.  

"We have long seen the need for approaching anything to do with work from the whole-person perspective. WellbeingWx is finally catching up to this approach as we enter a place where the stigma surrounding mental health, specifically the topic of mental health at work, is being chipped away at. It was never a space where organizations or leaders felt confident. It was taboo, felt risky, and there weren't many resources to offer employees anyway.  

As someone who personally suffers from anxiety, has juggled a young family, illnesses, caregiving, and more, I felt that pressure to "push through" and "pretend" throughout my career, something I'm very much not alone in. This is why we created this program. We shouldn't have to know every person's story to care for their wellbeing in a better way.  

More so than ever, work and life are integrated. That is not going to change. What can change is strengthening our toolbox to support our employees and ourselves in better dealing with that fact.  

Our program is a new proactive measure that re-teaches us how to work in a space that promotes and advocates for not only company-wide wellbeing but individual wellbeing, too. It brings the human back to the workplace spotlight at every level. This program is key to the output our clients are chasing time and again: engagement and productivity. These outputs are what yields profits and, when paired with purposeful wellbeing support, can do so in a way that does not burn out the humans directly responsible for the business wins. It guides organizations, leadership, and employees around what was once thought to be the most elusive and uncomfortable skills, like empathy and communications, to create a solid and inviting framework." - Keri Higgins-Bigelow, livingHR Founder & CEO.

Human-centered since 2009, livingHR is a 100% women-owned, NWBOC Certified team of people, culture, and creative humanists with nine offices in the U.S. livingHR is designing inclusive cultures, optimizing talent, and humanizing experiences to make work better.

For more information on livingHR’s WellbeingWx program, please contact Nicole Luistro at nicole@livinghr.com (813) 943-3208 or visit https://www.livinghr.com/wellbeingwx.

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