livingHR is hosting our standing monthly event Work Now + In the Future this Thursday, June 11th from 4:30-6:30pm EST where we will cover important workplace topics. We regularly provide this platform for listening, learning, and change, and this month’s event will do just that. However, part of the event will specifically focus on a dialogue in order to:

• Address the systemic and pervasive racism that has infiltrated workplace culture around the world and learn how we should best address it
• Understand how to create more equality in the workplace, on boards, and in leadership positions
• Start a conversation about how to be a leader who promotes acceptance, inclusion, and is intolerant of intolerance

We recognize that this conversation is uncomfortable for some and effects every person on a very individual level. We may not get this exactly right, but we want to continue to do our part and never sit idly by.

Join us and our expert panelists in a conversation about what’s happening now and what we can expect for the future of work. We will have a conversation about antiracism in and outside of the workplace with Leeno Karumanchery, Co-Founder and Head of Behavioural Sciences at MESH/diversity and Ellen Buchman, President at The Opportunity Agenda. 

Register here.

We'll continue with dialogue around leading workplaces to a better future, leading through challenging times, the future of hiring, and more. Tickets to this event are available at no cost with the option to donate what you can to support The Opportunity Agenda and demand #JusticeOutloud

Panelists include:

Ellen Buchman, President at The Opportunity Agenda

Dr. Leeno Karumanchery, Co-Founder and Head of Behavioural Sciences at MESH Diversity

Shveta Miglani, Global Head of Learning and Development at Micron Technology

Kevin W. Grossman, TAS, HCS, President and Board Member at Talent Board

Jesse Tinsley, Founder at Job MobZ

Jennifer McClure, CEO at DisruptHR LLC

Renee Agler, HR Director at Baker McKenzie

Jyoti khadgawat, Head of Human Resources at Smule, Inc.

Register at:

Tickets to this event will be donate what you can, with 100% of proceeds benefiting The Opportunity Agenda

We are also grateful to Drawing Booth for bringing the important words in this conversation to life with their DIGITAL LIVE ART EXPERIENCE.

Hosted by Keri Higgins-Bigelow, CEO & Founder @ livingHR & Amanda Herring, VP of Creative @ livingHR

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