Thank you to our panelists and attendees for engaging in everything "tech" during livingHR’s October Work Now + In The Future (WNIF) virtual event.

In today’s world our workplaces are consistently shifting, especially the way we use HR technology to transform humanity. We need to determine where we are as an organization, assess the climate and ability to progress and advance, and establish how tech can help not only ourselves, but our organization as a whole to achieve our most important goals. Most of all, we need to remember that our people will, and should always come first. Here are some tips and tech recommendations from our panelists:

Thomas Ajspur -  “We as leaders need to make sure our employees are not connected 24/7, it’s not healthy. We need to disconnect and be with our families.”
- Virtual social activities such as zoom workouts before work, cooking lessons, zoom kitchen for coffee, etc.
- Leaders need to make sure their employees are not connected 24/7
- Be vulnerable

Star Carter - “Executives have to lead by example. We need to provide the necessary resources to support employees mental health.”
- Make sure you are thoughtful and intentional in the technology you implement
- Implement group meetings that are truly social- not work related, and take into account generational and personality aspects
- Virtual scavenger hunts

Ryan O’Donnell - “You will gain or lose customers based on how you’re treating people.”
- Encourage your employees that they do not need to hide their personal life
- Every single day is “peak time” because of COVID. We have to be able to adapt
- Agility and willingness to try new things is extremely important

Skip Marshall - “The transparency becomes the important part, but it’s not just about being transparent- it’s about being authentic.”
- Before you look at the technology, look at the culture. People need to come first
- Be willing to take risks with new technology opportunities
- There is no one size fits all, focus on what works for you and your organization.

Madeline Laurano - “Communication has to change in terms of content and the way we communicate/empathize and the tools involved.”
- Some people are not comfortable on video and that’s important to consider. Use chat/text more.
- Need to involve employees in what decisions you are going to make around technology
- It’s important to openly talk about childcare struggles

If you were unable to make it, we have a recorded session here.

A special thank you to our panelists:

Thomas Ajspur (CEO @ ENAVATE), Star Carter (COO and General Counsel @ Kanarys), Ryan O'Donnell (CEO + Co-Founder @ EmployUs), Skip Marshall (CEO @ InTech Ideas), and Madeline Laurano (Founder @ Aptitude Research) for stepping up to the table to have this conversation, and to all of our attendees for joining and participating. Live art was created by Drawing Booth whose artistic talents brought our dialogue beautifully to life once again.

We are thrilled to share we were able to raise donations for EveryoneOn. This was made possible by the generosity of our event supporters and livingHR, and we are humbled by the support that’s been continuously shown.

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