A human centered work model, works. It’s business wins, powered by people wins. To achieve that glowing company culture that so many organizations want to achieve, you must humanize your workplace, whether it be in office, on the jobsite, in the shop or virtually.  

Putting the people of your organization beyond an employee number and recognizing them for the humans that they are creates an environment of inclusion, belonging, purpose and wellbeing. It’s the rocket fuel all successful operations swear by.    

Humanized Numbers: Happier and healthier employees are 20% more productive at work.

To have a humanized workplace, you, as a leader, must first define your culture code. Your culture code is a set of actionable elements that go beyond "values". Your code is about the behaviors and actions your people live out. It takes big ideas like values, purpose, mission, and vision, and makes them actionable on the day-to-day, allowing everyone to support your bigger “why.” What do you appreciate? What won't you tolerate? How will it feel, when we get work down?  

Humanized Numbers: 90% of top leadership are high in emotional intelligence.

Culture is the personality of your organization; It’s what it feels like to work where we work and do what we do. It’s the specific behaviors and mindsets that support your values and guide day-to-day decisions, behaviors, and interactions of every person within your organization. It’s about representation and equity, as well as wellbeing and opportunity for your people.  

A humanized workplace is far easier to attain than many might believe but it must start at the top. There is no way you can foster a human-centered environment when the leaders of the organization don't support it. This is truly the biggest secret behind longstanding strong culture. Once you have that support, only then can you implement this culture code throughout your entire organization.

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