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A great culture and experience can work from anywhere.

livingHR is The Work Agency™ that's humanizing work for a living. Strategies formed with experts. Work designed by creatives. Business wins powered by people wins.

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In order to reap the benefits of remote work, we need to think about what each of us needs and how to reach our potential as humans.

What we’re discovering as we navigate this new world of work is that our ability to adapt is greater than we've ever imagined - including the way (and where) we work.

livingHR has partnered with organizations of all shapes and sizes to build remote work capabilities and support transitions to both partial and fully-remote scenarios. We do this by customizing strategies that work for them. Each organization and workforce is different, so we ge to know your work, your culture, and what's important in your organization in order to build a plan that will work.

Understanding what will make remote work, work, in your organization means understanding:

• The challenges leaders, HR teams, and employees face with regards to remote work
• The cultural considerations that are important to re-imagine in a remote scenario
• Technology, tools, and infrastructure that will enable a thoughtful remote experience
• Policy and practice enablers/roadblocks
of professionals work from home at least 1 day/week. (IWG)
Americans work from home at least half the time. (Flexjobs)

Key Considerations

• Physical & Psychological Safety
• Connectivity & Communications
• The Human Factor (aka Facilitating the Virtual Watercooler)
• Establishing the New Rules of Communication
• Measuring Performance Remotely
• The New Agreement: Our Statement of Understanding

Customize, Build & Enable

• Communicate Clearly and Transparently
• Enable with the Right Technology
• Do the Work while Being Human

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