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HR initiatives require about 10x more time than other tasks

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of HR leaders' time is spent in meetings

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of HR leaders' time is spent on HR strategy and employee engagement

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Providing Lift

With more than 20 years of experience we can
deliver the best product design.

Lift, scale, support, outsource. However you refer to it, we're here to save you time and resources by lending expertise, driving projects forward, and going further faster together.

• Providing Lift (Talent Practitioners + Creative Agency)
• Sr. HR, Talent, Creative Outsourcing (Monthly + Annual)
• Sr. HR, Talent, Creative Augmentation (Monthly + Annual)
• Scale + Agility (A Wide Range of Skillsets)
• HR, Talent, Creative Resources
• Executive CHRO, Talent SMEs, Talent Generalists, HR Business Partners


With more than 20 years of experience we can
deliver the best product design.

The MARKET is a one-stop-shop for instant access to downloadable templates, tools, and resources to help you lead your culture and employee experience with confidence. Save valuable time, effort, and resources by tapping into content created by talent and communications experts. Topics and templates include:

• Communications
• Explaining Total Rewards + Benefits
• Effective Onboarding + Self-Onboarding
• Building A Positive Talent Experience
• Leading, Coaching + Education
• Recruiting Talent
• Measuring Performance

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Leader Line:
Leadership coaching for leaders at all levels.

With more than 20 years of experience we can
deliver the best product design.

We will pair each leader with a Coach who understands you, your business and can go beyond theory to give tools and resources that you can actually apply in your day to day.

Your Coach
Our coaches are accessible at any level to provide 1:1 guidance, brainstorming sessions, and coaching. Frequency of coaching sessions is based on level of service.
We believe past lives do matter which is why we match coaches not based on an algorithm but based on a dialogue to pair people.  Need a CHRO or CMO to help be your sounding board? We pick the right person for each person based on capabilities, experiences, and leadership styles.
Video sessions and messaging are built in to our application to ensure they always have a resource and feel connected.
1:1 Discovery + Planning Session 
Getting to know you as a whole person is as important to our coaches as getting to learn your working styles.  Being able to understand your experiences that have shaped you as a person, your career development goals, and your organization’s culture help us tailor our approach to your organization. 
We Build on Strength
We believe it is important to build on realized strengths, learned behaviors, unrealized strengths, and weaknesses to unlock human potential.  We use the Strengths Profile © Coaching Model and Assessment tools to give you and your coach a full picture of your BEST SELF by assessing 60 strengths.
This process unveils what really inspires each individual and helps our Coaches identify the learnings, tools and resources that will make the difference in creating an exceptional People Leader for your organization.
Tools that are included:

• Capability Development

• Leading People and Culture (includes how to communicate effectively, how to handle difficult situations, how to grow your team, emotional intelligence, growth mindset)

• Business Leadership (creating a business piece, innovation, data story telling)

• Coaching Support

Application, Leadership Development Tools & Resources 
Our in-house culture agency has built a vast amount of toolkits, guides, and resources in our MARKET that accelerate your ability to lead and create a better workplace experience
Progress not Perfection Activity Reporting
As we all know no one is perfect but with the right growth mindset leaders emerge and real development happens. We share insights for each individuals’ sessions, assessments, learning courses, etc. to celebrate wins along the way. 

some examples

our work product

With more than 20 years of experience we can deliver the best product design.

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— Case Studies


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National Restaurant Group

For this client we evaluated the current state of their HR functions and needs in order to support the overall team. While providing interim support on day-to-day HR functions, we also fully implemented and optimized their HCM to include payroll/HRIS, Talent Acquisition/ATS, onboarding, benefits and COBRA administration, plus WOTC surveys (as part of onboarding with the ability to have applications submitted on the company's behalf electronically.)

Engineering Organization

We evaluated outdated systems and processes performed by the previous HR leader over the last 10 years. Implemented a new benefit administration platform with their current HCM. Implemented data feeds with the carriers. Outdated manual benefits administration process with paper enrollment forms, plus manual entry with each service provider.  Ultimately, we provided a better employee experience with self service capabilities for team members to easily see their available benefits and potential annual expenses through a total rewards statement. Allowed employees to endure enrollments and benefits terminations electronically without a manual process, thus reducing the amount of time and effort previously required. Freed up HR to work on more strategic projects and initiatives.

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