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There is a clear crisis of wellbeing at work.
And livingHR is here to help.

Pushed by external forces outside of work, humans inside the workplace are now dealing with more than ever, balancing “lifeloads” with workloads, facing new challenges each day. The humans at the center of it all are fielding, and feeling, from all sides.  

livingHR’s transformational full-suite wellbeing solution, WellbeingWx, is designed to actively prevent burnout and support whole-person wellbeing in your workplace. Designed for all audiences within an organization, from leaders to employees to the people function, WellbeingWx completely transforms the approach to wellbeing at work. Taking a proactive approach to wellbeing, we address what you can do while removing stigmas, preventing burnout, and effectively planning for workload capacity across teams.
Work + life integration

Caption: Work-life blend is more fluid than ever.

In 2020 alone, the percentage of workers dealing with acute mental health conditions close to doubled from 21% to 40%.


Only 50% of HR and benefit pros say they're effective in addressing workforce mental health needs.

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WellbeingWx Solution Examples

Full-service solution includes:


• Employer Wellbeing Diagnostic Inventory – a tool to assess which wellbeing programs are currently being offered + recommendations
• Employee Wellbeing Inventory Survey – a comparison tool to analyze wellbeing programs/offerings that employees actually want
• Benefits plan review to assess wellbeing components
• Reporting dashboard to unlock ideas of what employees need in your organization  

Wellbeing Portal

• Content by role for employees, leaders, and HR functions
• Employee, manager, and leadership workshops for whole-person wellbeing
• Individual WellbeingWx Guide, including Boundary Plans, Growth Plans, and a Centering Guide   
• A curation of hundreds of recommended resources  
• Daily Workday “Pause” Library communications with actionable ideas for focusing on wellbeing, self-care, and resilient mindsets  
• Micro-learning videos on whole-person wellbeing, compliance, and many other topics  

Action Plan

• Customized action plans for employers with roadmaps to the future
• Includes a custom data analysis for wellbeing at your organization
• Recommendations for specific solutions and partnership options to continue building your wellbeing strategy
• Ideas for roll out and employee communications

livingHR’s WellbeingWx solution approaches whole-person wellbeing with five core foundational elements to support organizations and employees:

Whole-Person Wellbeing Solution

Go beyond traditional wellness benefits to help your team reach whole-person wellbeing with WellbeingWx from livingHR.  Schedule your free consultation call to learn more about how we can support you and your employees.

The reality is, we spend a significant amount of our lives at work. So, let us do the work to make it a place that supports humans and their whole lives.  


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